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Special Servicer, Owner, Attorney, or Mortgage Banker?
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Catalyst: a person or thing that helps bring about change or a transformation using action, energy, or communication.

As veteran Advisors, THG acts as catalyst for a CMBS debt restructuring resolution that mitigates losses for all stakeholders. We forge strong relationships with Special Servicers, Owners, Mortgage Bankers, and Attorneys, all of whom could be engaged at some point throughout the lifecycle of a restructuring deal.

Property Owners: Working on your behalf, we navigate the complex circuitry of the CMBS debt restructuring world. We initiate a dialogue with the Special Servicer, expedite processes, and bring our experience to bear in negotiating artful resolutions. Is your loan in Special Servicing or do you anticipate it heading down that path in the next 12 to 24 months? You don’t need to lose your property or waste time trying to figure out how to negotiate with Special Servicers, but you do need to take action and quickly engage in the resolution process. Learn more

Special Servicers: We are acutely aware of your situation in the CMBS process. By working on behalf of the property owner, we can help expedite a resolution that works for you as well as the owner. Learn more

Mortgage Bankers: Because your expertise is focused on financing and not on the business of debt restructuring, partnering with THG may provide strategic advantages to you and your client. Learn more

Attorneys: When we work as a team, the strongest and most comprehensive “resolution” plan is enacted for the client. Because THG has forged deep relationships with the Servicer’s asset managers and senior management, we are positioned to facilitate those “business-oriented” resolution strategies and leave the “legal remedies” conversations to you–the attorney. We know that Servicers typically dual-track problem loans, so collaboration has always proven to be the most fertile ground for a successful client experience. Learn more

The Henley Group is an elite CMBS borrower advocacy firm, recognized nationally for premium service and our enduring commitment to problem solving. We specialize in one thing and that’s where we focus 100% of our efforts: CMBS debt restructuring.

The role of an Advisor remains a mystery to many. Learn more about this many-faceted specialty and how we can work for you.