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The Henley Group Difference

"The Henley Group was founded on a vision that CMBS loans over a period of time would deteriorate, and deteriorate significantly. And that there would be an incredible demand for CMBS workout strategies due to the sheer volume of overleveraged loans and the complex nature of who your lender actually is.

"We started researching this business very early on. We understand all the players and all the decision-making. That's what makes us different. We are engaged in talking to the parties on the other side of the table - the Special Servicers, the Master Servicers, the Controlling Class members--every single day. We're not engaged in other things. This is what we're focused on.

"I enjoy taking what looks like a disaster in someone's eyes and turning it into a win for all parties…the best possible result."
David Goldfisher, Founder, Principal


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