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The Henley Group is not one of those giant firms with a staff of dozens, most of whom have never underwritten, securitized, or tranched a CMBS issuance. Our team are pedigreed CMBS Advisors who cut their teeth on structuring these deals during the CMBS market evolution of the 1990’s.

When it comes to negotiating CMBS loans with Special Servicers, The Henley Group is a long-established leader and has received numerous accolades —

I found you to be a straight shooter-ethical and fair. I believe your involvement was the key to a swift and successful workout. I enjoyed working with you.
Special Servicer Asset Manager

The Henley Group was conceived in mid-2008, in response to years of excessively leveraged and sparsely capitalized CMBS issuances. The firm was fully realized in January 2009, when a monumental shift in the CMBS credit market collided with a recessive economy to reveal a new real estate paradigm. Property values and property indebtedness were suddenly, and colossally, disconnected.

Our focus
  • Commercial loans ranging from $5MM to $150MM
  • Clients with base operations throughout the United States
  • Aggressive expansion into formerly untapped markets

As CMBS insiders, we easily navigate the obscure and complex circuitry of the CMBS loan-servicing arena, analytically and tactically driving the negotiation process forward toward the best-case resolution. Our selection of case studies proves that each client poses unique challenges, to which we respond with custom-tailored strategies.