The Henley Group Risk ParadigmTM

Do you Have a Plan for Action?

THG Risk Paradigm
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THG’s Risk Paradigm

  • 6 years of actual performance data
  • $1.5 billion in deals advised
  • Data points represent timeframe when client first engaged company
  • Every client engagement plotted on the spectrum

Early Engagement Is Key

How our $1.5 billion in deals netted out as Successes (Property retained by Owner) vs. Losses (Property to Lender) depended in large part on when clients engaged us:

  • Action in the “Proactive” stage resulted in 64% success vs. 36% loss
  • Action in the “Active” stage resulted in 62% success vs. 38% loss
  • Action in the “Immediate,” stage resulted in 50% success vs. 50% loss
  • Action in the “Defensive” or “Damage Control” stages resulted in 35% success vs. 65% loss

Where are you in the Risk Paradigm?

Commercial property woes unravel over a measurable span of time. Something happens…tenants lost, cash-flow declines, etc. Action can be taken at any stage, but the “red zones” pose formidable risk. The earlier you engage us the greater the likelihood of a successful resolution, and the greater your chances for retaining your property — Servicer negotiations take 6-18 months. During 2015, 2016, and 2017, $350 billion in loans will be maturing…Do you have a plan for action? Contact Us

Note: The Risk Paradigm represents THG’s results and not necessarily the borrower advocacy market in total.